Our holiday tours around Alanya

Alanya Boat Tour

The next level of your holiday in a unique Blue Blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Rich memories of unforgettable vacations with içerili day boat tour jawed Akhtar. Lunch, unlimited drinks, animations, foam parties, cave tours, accompanied by music and DJ dance parties. If you wish, you can join in the middle of the night, disco night and boat tours with gecelerimize, you can watch it with your own eyes and unique views of alanya.

Turkish Bath

One of the best ways to get rid of Stress and fatigue is to go to the Turkish bath.Toxins in your skin with exfoliating massage with warm welcome at any time to dry a few reps and get rid of the dead skin layers with the tattoos on your body a nice pouch and oil massage ... comfort and lightness.In addition, mud bath, salt Chamber, steam hamamızda Sttlement room guests can use for free. When implemented by a professional masseuse and the cost is included in the classic bag, foam and aromatic oil massage, don't miss our ...

Dim River

Dim cave is located 12 kilometers east of Alanya.Turkey's second largest cave. It is estimated that 1 million years old. The cave consists of two parts, one of which is 50 metres away and the other 360 metres in length, the trail corridor are reaching deep into the cave with two way. 360 meters at the end of the Hall is a small lake in admiration. Thanks to the lighting of a vast landscape for visitors and stalactites, stalagmites and a delightful excursion. After the visit we continue our way to Dim Creek Valley to cave in and get our lunch in our restaurant on the edge of the tea.

City Tour

During the trip, which lasted all day, such as a picture, a port city of Alanya, which we know will have a look at the history of the city. Winding main street, old town, old houses and flowers will take you through 300 m height around the castle gardens to open.This castle is well preserved and can be seen from each side of the Byzantine Church, cisterns, reservoirs and the symbol of the city.The appearance of the city is the Castle.After an examination in detail of the castle through the side of the small fishing port of the Red Tower, our journey will continue.During this trip, of course, there will be plenty of time to get to know the city and

Jeep Safari

Jeep safari tour, we offer you an unforgettable adventure and will give you the possibility of recognition of different way to Alanya. If you wish, you can use the wheel yourself by taking our own Narrow and dusty roads alone will not find önderliğimizde locations and information about the corners of nature. Visit to a small Turkish village, a small mountain river bathroom break, local restaurant is one of the most important points in this adventurous journey eaten lunch. In the afternoon return to the hotel after the joy and fun.

Quad Safari

Alanya is a quad safari tour is waiting for you. Putting personal driving skills and team spirit by moving in with a different holiday experience. Quad ATV gathered all the necessary safety information at the point of exit from a specialist. After a Test ride ready to tour with brand expert. Intertwined with nature in the Woods 2 Park convoy times. We use with our pleasant after a day of Safari.


A day full of excitement and adrenaline in Alanya, passing your vacation one of the best ways to taste layer. Of Course, Rafting. 12 km from the Centre of Alanya is a refreshing swim in the cold waters of the dim, a pleasant rafting experience with expert guides. Then the forest restaurant lunch and have fun. Hotel Transfer Service from your hotel and take you to your hotel again with.

Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon Lies 48 km from Alanya. Davies and 20 km from the center of town. 600-metre walk to the Canyon Trail. It is the largest at the end of the trail to the waterfall. During the trip you will be accompanied by a lot of waterfalls, rare plants, lizards and a variety of birds gives you amazing peace Songbird. The Canyon can be reached through the stairs to enter the water to cool off in the water to clear, are presented. Even in the hottest time of the year, the water temperature, but 12 degrees.

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